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  • Licensed Property & Casualty Agent in KY
  • Certified Insurance Counselor
  • Certified Risk Manager
  • AMS Training - AMS360 Certified Trainer
  • 12+ years experience with Commercial Lines & Operations

Services Offered:
….New Service - Direct Bill Statement Processing….

System Conversions
Expert at preparing AfW agencies for migration to AMS360 and experienced with prep for other system conversions

Gifted at shaving clicks, steps and time off of workflows in all departments.

Experienced at developing and documenting procedures for every department even to the point of including screen shots for new hires as a “How-To” guide.

Paperless Transitions
Experienced at helping agencies plan and implement a paperless environment so that staff can find documents stored electronically instantaneously.

System Audits
Any procedure or workflow is nothing without having checks and balances in place. System Audits are critical to the success of any agency directive and key to consistency and efficiency.

Form Letter Templates
Did you know there are over 4,000 data mergefields in AMS360 and AfW that you can customize for your own report/list? I consider myself a master of this area of these AMS agency management systems and good templates are one of the keys to efficiency and E&O security.

The latest version of AMS360 has finally made it easier to customize the templates for Schedules and Proposals for agencies…have you learned it and customized yours?

Marketing Campaigns
Expert at setting up a campaign in AMS360 or AfW and ready to give ideas for targeting the gold mine within your own database-Customers with no umbrella, low limits of liability, low deductibles, non-existent coverage's….most are easy to target with letters, reminders for phone calls…the sky is the limit!

Mergers & Acquisitions
Experienced at handling the fall-out of several poorly planned mergers & acquisitions and therefore able to help you plan and prepare for a smooth transition of bookkeeping and system setups as well as many other external considerations.

Disaster Recovery Plans
With Katrina and last year’s debilitating ice storm in Kentucky, many agencies realize the need for a Disaster Recovery Plan. As a Certified Risk Manager I can help you design even a very basic plan in the event of any kind of hindrance to your business. Many businesses in Kentucky last year were without power for weeks and were unprepared to continue their operations and even be in a position to take claims for their customers.

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